Emerald jade’s tinea of stone (五)


What is the Emerald jade’s tinea?
Ringworm is the Emerald Jade epidermis or internal see a black smudge of plaque, banding, etc., ringworm of shapes and sizes, these black ringworm of the main mineral is hornblende, Lan amphibole schist, chromite, and some oxides composition, because these black Emerald Jade color caused by chromium ions and have the parental relationship, as well as black mineral – ringworm within the chromite to release a steady stream of color caused by chromium ions, under appropriate conditions caused by Emerald Jade green. Therefore, ringworm and green are closely related. Folk known as “black with green to go”, “ringworm eat green” and so on. But ringworm is not necessarily green, and green is not necessarily have ringworm, ringworm depends build environment and time, and if there is the presence of ringworm of chromium and other factors. So people have “dead ringworm” and “living ringworm” he said. And later repeated in the course of geological movement generated Emerald Jade, the repeated hydrothermal activities, there are chromium release of the geological environment, can cause emerald green. At this time there is not necessarily ringworm, ringworm and green relationship. If ringworm symbiosis with jade, chromium release conducive geological conditions, hydrothermal activity, within the continuous release of chromium ringworm coloration, when the geological environment is not conducive to change color caused by chromium released terminated coloration, it will produce black go with the green phenomenon, known as live ringworm.
After generating Emerald Jade, the resulting “ringworm” chromium release ringworm no geological conditions generated by said dead “ringworm.” Green and ringworm interspersed relationship based on raw jade on small structures and tumors, Emerald Jade minerals and ringworm, can accurately determine the living “ringworm” and death “ringworm.” Relationship between ringworm and green can be divided, ringworm and green mutual tolerance not be easily separated, ringworm and green a gradual transition or bounded domain distinct green and ringworm some distance apart, the three parties exist alone. Sometimes beside ringworm are “preserved” display, which indicates the inner green, but the Green number, shape is impossible to judge.

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Emerald jade’s brume of stone (四)


What is the Emerald jade’s brume ?
Emerald Jade fog emerald skin (weathered or oxidized) and Fei internal (no weathering or oxidation) or called a semi-meat between oxidation breeze of jadeite. Essentially it is also part of the Emerald Jade is from weathering crust to the meat unweathered (jade) is a transition zone. Fog color and telling Jade internal impurities exist much, “species” is always a new transparency is good or bad and cleanliness inside and so on. But it does not explain whether its internal green, nothing to do with green. Emerald Jade Fog points of white, yellow, red, gray, black. Such as the skin rubbed off, revealing a pale white, said the fog light, indicating that the internal fewer impurities “to” clean, there is a certain degree of transparency, if the mist under green, green is very pure, and to match the value of each other Citylink. White mist also shows that “kind of” old, most people like to bet on the white mist. Huang Wu display of iron and other elements within it is gradually oxidized, but no serious oxidation. If it is pure yellowish fog, the impurity elements displayed less often appear high Tsui, but sometimes Emerald Jade blue-green tint due to iron ions may enter the emerald lattice, but also appear slightly bluish green tint of green. Hongwu instructions contained within the iron has been severely oxidized, may occur within the emerald ash “ground.” Mist is mainly due to a large number of impurity element oxide, display emerald internal impurities, poor transparency. Individual blanket of darkness will appear high Tsui, but sometimes the water is poor. Not all jade were produced fog, some Emerald Jade place production emerald there is no fog. In general, it can produce fog prolific emerald raw material in the old factories and new old plant mines.

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Emerald jade’s python of stone (三)


Raw Emerald Jade in the epidermis, see the skin as deep or light-colored weathering, semi-weathered sand was banded ring block, such as a regular arrangement of directional phenomenon, described by the local stone and directional dynamic metamorphism common strongly influenced hydrothermal alteration, making it possible to make internal chromium release Erzhi green Emerald Jade. Where umbilical cord is not necessarily green, there must be Songhua” appear to explain the extent possible and green. There are scales that “kind of” old . Python with generally parallel to the green trend, green direction (pulse) or said green shape, most of the existing fractures filled with chromium ions caused the color.

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Emerald jade’s Songhua of stone (二)


Emerald Jade epidermis looming like dry moss some of the same color, plaques, strip was called “preserved.” Refers to the original raw jade green on the left by the weathering gradually eclipsed the mark. According Songhua shades of Emerald Jade color, shape, direction, amount, density level, inferred within the green shades, direction, size, shape, and so on. When viewed carefully studied to Sheung Shui in the raw materials.

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Emerald jade’s crack of stone (一)


Emerald Jade also known as crack lock, said split crack, composite or filled with a material called network. Crack lock into the native split lock, that is generated simultaneously with the original stone. Post-crack lock, the Serve rock generated. Native crack lock some late hydrothermal activity has been repaired, filled with some of its post-mineral inside. Post-crack lock most visible to the naked eye, Emerald Jade stone integrity of great damage. Split lock can be divided into a large crack lock, small lock, tic-tac-lock, small lock and so on. Some crack lock will cut off the green strip, misplaced. Some green bar band itself is split her head, after being filled with the green. What do you want to be valued based on the estimated frequency distribution of crack lock of Emerald Jade. In those low-lying parts of the original stone is split existence of the site.

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Fei color jade jadeite choose buy

There are very more colors of jade, including green, purple, red, yellow, gray, black, white, and so on. If a single color, the most valuable is green, followed by purple, then red and yellow, no color value is gray. It can be said, as long as the gray emerald color into them, will have a “dirty” feeling, reduce the value of jade, value such as green, purple, yellow jade if it has a gray, emerald will decrease. ad11af28b5c8863d5daf74e59ee5aaad

Green: saturated, nuanced, impartial evil
Green jade is the color of emerald is the most valuable, and this is recognized by many collectors. But if there is no kind of copies, even full of green, the value of jade is still not high.
See green jade, depending on which there are no shades of gray and black with, if the band of gray tones, green will be “significantly dirty”, if with a black hue, the color will darken, gray, black tone into the It will make the emerald green color cast, color “evil.” There is green in green with white tones, the result is to make the emerald is diluted, lighter color, saturation is reduced, so that non-white tone than the green jade, worth a lot lower.
There are two cases, it is yellowish or bluish green. Yellow is commonly known as boxwood green and the like, bluish is known as a class of emerald color between the two is pure emerald green jade. Generally, in some slight bluish green or yellow is acceptable, it does not affect the value. Green’s value lies in the degree of saturation and gaudy colors on.
In short, for all the colors of jade, the more vivid, more uniform, and its value is higher, which is consistent with the basic aesthetic psychology of the masses.


Purple: to be fine, to be rich color
Purple known as “violet”, or “spring.” Both green, another purple jade called “Spring with color.” Yellow, green, purple, white four-color jade, also known as Gods hi.
Strictly speaking, purple emerald yield is not particularly small, to be more than red Fei greater its bulk, lotus root starch species were in the majority, generally coarse crystalline particles, less transparent. Violet which really expensive or high-quality varieties.
Currently purple jade polarization badly, parts of a kind of very delicate, but rich ruby color purple emerald prices rose badly, and general light color, dark, purple jade texture is not fine in stark contrast, and both the gap is growing.


Red: To transparent, not red-hot”
More red than yellow jade value, its output is also far less than the number of yellow. From the senses, the red is more nuanced than the yellow, more beautiful, but not all of the red has a high value. Only those kind of good red transparent emerald relatively rare, high value, these red Fei made of red ring face, flower pieces, Ping buckle, etc., are rare good things, but also has a good appreciation of the space. However, collection of red Fei has a problem, and that is in the market often see a red-hot” jade, this red Fei is not worth collecting. That the rare red Fei precious, natural, and “red-hot” red Fei not only rare, but also with natural jade are different, there is no potential for appreciation and collection value. Red-hot” red Fei appearance often form a uniform layer of red, not the United States, but also the lack of aura.


Yellow: To transparent nuanced
Yellow jade performance advantage on the emerald sometimes, sometimes a disadvantage, different situations require specific analysis.
In general, only at Seed transparent, delicate texture, yellow very nuanced, beautiful situation, the advantages will become yellow jade. These yellow utilization Qiaodiao often for emerald considerably. The colors appear dull, the head bad yellow jade is often a disadvantage, with the line inside the words, “show the dirt.” For example, like a jade bracelet, if there is yellow dot, the macula, it will generate the value of the negative impact of the bracelet, but on the other hand, there is help for the identification of this phenomenon collectors can rely on the yellow dots and the macula features, judged emerald natural.


Gods-Fu Lu Shou jade
Red (yellow), green, white or red (yellow), green, white, purple tricolor with the body called “Gods“, red (yellow), green, white and purple is called Gods hi . “Meanwhile, if a bracelet with green, yellow, purple, three colors, also known as “Gods bracelet,” which only the green than the emerald to be more valuable.

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Men wearing Guanyin and women wearing buddha?


Men wearing Guanyin and women wearing Buddha” is actually a civil pledge, a folk custom.” Men wearing Guanyin “, mainly because in the past of doing business, an exam, and so are the men wearing Guanyin , all year round away from home, and the man often more irascible character, and Chinese Buddhist Goddess of Mercy is the female body, is a symbol of gentle compassion, “men wearing Goddess of Mercy” is the hope men to soft. “Women wearing Buddhist”, “woman wearing a Buddha” and “Buddha” not refer to the Buddha Sakyamuni, but Maitreya Buddha and Maitreya Buddha belly shape is like, because the ancients believed that women relatively narrow-minded, but the shape of the Buddha Maitreya Tatu Tatu like smiley, happy meaning there is a measure, Therefore, “women wearing Buddha” is the hope that a woman can be more calm, open-minded mind.
Guanyin Buddha men and women can wear. Jade stress is fate, like like! Jade and cultural development greatly influenced by Buddhism, a dedicated institutional research, development of Buddhist jewelry; particularly Guanyin Buddha pendant and Tatu relatively popular with customers. Often hear marketers recommend to their customers, “men wearing women wearing Buddhist Goddess of Mercy,” saying there is no basis in fact and is based; Buddha of Mercy and the believers are men and women pray for good fortune happiness, misfortunes difficult to avoid God; some do not believe in God Men also like the belly of Buddha smiling, because he “laugh at life, tolerance Tatu” Buddha calmly wearing all kinds of situation!


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